The Board has retained Beighley, Myrick, Udell + Lynne PA to provide legal representation and direction regarding current issues. 

We are now asking for donations to the legal fund by supporting members and residents.  Funds will be maintained in a sub account and only used for legal issues as approved by the Board. 

You can donate via PayPal on our website, however, there is a percentage fee taken by the service.  Checks made out to Plantation Acres Homeowners Association puts the full amount to work in representing us during controversial topics such as consolidated flex being used in the Acres.  Please write “legal fund” in the check note section to ensure it goes to the correct sub fund.  Checks should be mailed to: 




PO BOX 450718

SUNRISE FL  33345-0718


If you prefer to donate using Paypal a portion of your donation will be used to cover the Paypal fees.  You will be given the option to increase your donation amount to help offset the cost of fees, but this is not mandatory.  Thank you for your support!


Use Paypal To Donate To The PAHA Legal Fund