Incomplete Bond Projects

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In 2016 Plantation Acres residents voted in favor of passing a bond which defined $517,000.00 to improve the North Acres Park located at 118th Ave and 21st Court.  It may not happen.

City leaders failed to move forward with the Bond projects in a timely manner.  Project costs went up due to this delay.  DID YOU KNOW the designs for North Acres Park were specifically done so improvements could be done in house with City staff?   They then elected not to move forward with the project and instead allocated the money to projects that were running over budget.  The City is now proposing the sale of the Park as surplus to a builder to build houses on the property. 

Do you want to lose North Acres Park to development?  Is our green space in the North Acres and park improvements for our residents important to you?  If so, please join PAHA and help to keep the North Acres Park as a Park!  Don’t sit back and let them turn our 15 Acres of green space into dozens of homes!  Plantation Acres pays a lot of money in taxes, most of which are used for other areas of the City.  We want what we voted for and the Council should ensure some of our tax money comes back to fulfill projects within Plantation Acres!  Do you agree?  Get involved!