Business Spotlight
The Business Spotlight is open to Plantation Acres Residents who have businesses/services that they would like to promote to our Homeowners Association Members/Neighbors. To be eligible to be "Spotlighted" you must be a member of the PAHA, have your dues up to date, and offer to provide a free product or service that can be raffled off to attendees at your designated meeting. Once you are an approved business and the month has been assigned your duties will be: greet the members as they enter the meeting, hand out your business card and/or information, stand up during the allotted agenda time and introduce yourself, your company, and raffle off your item.
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Community Involvement
Plantation Acres Homeowners Association proudly offers Community Service Hours to our youth residents who participate in various sponsored community activities. Community Service Hours are required by both private and public schools and they are part of the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. For more information please contact
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Neighborhood Watch
• Learn how to keep your home and personal property safe. • Learn how to deal with issues that seem to be suspicious. • Be a part of the PAHA as we listen to the homeowner’s concerns. We will update the members on reports of any security issues. • We will work with The Plantation Police Department. They will be guiding us as we report issues to them. • We will help identify safety hazards (street light outages, wires hanging, branches tangled in power lines, etc.) Florida Power & Light will be working with us as well. We are open to knowing what our Neighborhood residents (you) are concerned with.
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4-H Acres Club
4-H Acres Club - Coming Soon (when Covid safe) We have 13 interested families!
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