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Mission Statement: The Plantation Acres Homeowner’s Association (PAHA) is committed to improving all aspects of our community. PAHA is not your traditional HOA that approves house colors or manages trash collection. The mission of PAHA is to make Plantation Acres one of the most desirable places to live in Broward County, while enhancing our property values and fostering a safer community for our residents, children, and animals.

We are a volunteer Homeowner Organization and your support of the association helps us to monitor development and changes in the Acres which could impact our lifestyle. Through our website, email, NextDoor, and Facebook we keep you informed on the important issues. 

PAHA also relies on dues paid by our supporting members to sponsor many events each year such as Mother's Day Cooking With Mom, Father's Day Fishing With Dad, Back to School Barbecue, and now the Plantation Police National Night Out.