Short-term rentals require registration, inspection, a local business tax receipt, and a certificate of compliance in the City of Plantation. For questions you can contact the Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Department at 954-797-2225 or - Please allow 3 – 5 business days for a response.


City of Plantation residents can now report nuisances related to short-term rental properties using a new around-the-clock complaint hotline. Operated by Host Compliance, LLC., the hotline is intended to offer neighbors a simple alternative to calling code enforcement officers to report non-emergency issues like noise or parking issues caused by short-term rental guests. Callers may choose to leave their contact information so operators can follow up with them to ensure their complaint is adequately resolved. The 24/7 hotline phone number is 954-737-2818 or you can report issues online at


For more time sensitive issues such as loud parties, trespassing, etc. you could consider calling the police department's non-emergency number 954-797-2100. And obviously if an emergency exists use 911.


While the process will take some time and effort, we can work together to reduce the nuisance caused by some short-term rental properties.