The City of Plantation will be temporarily switching to free chlorination in its drinking water system beginning Sunday, September 24, 2023 and ending on Sunday, October 08, 2023.

Free Chlorination is a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance procedure for water systems using combined chlorination (chloramines) for disinfection. The City expects the free chlorination period to be transparent to our customers; however, some may notice a slight change in the taste or smell of their tap water. In addition, some may see fire hydrants with flowing water in their neighborhood as a normal part of this process. Residents who are on kidney dialysis or those who have other medical conditions should contact their health care providers for more information about increasing chlorine levels in their drinking water during this time.

At all times during this process your water will continue to meet Local, State, and Federal standards for clean water and is safe for drinking, bathing, cooking, and all other purposes.

The City of Plantation maintains the highest standards to ensure that clean, high quality drinking water is delivered to our customers. The City’s water meets federal, state, and local drinking water standards.

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact, James Dunmire, Water Operations Superintendent, at 954-414-8898 or



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