Plantation Acres Homeowners Association

Supporting Members Photo Competition 2022

Extended Deadline for Entry February 28th


Contest theme,

“What we love about Plantation Acres.”


There is a world of opportunities to photograph in our community.

Have fun capturing your neighborhood, your home, garden, or parks through the viewfinder of your camera or smartphone. We are confident that you will capture fantastic views and moments in Plantation Acres that we can proudly share with others through the PAHA online exhibition. Please encourage your children and grandkids to participate in this fun community activity as well.


Show Guidelines:

●       Your photograph entries must be submitted by email.

●       Each person may submit a maximum of 3 photographs for this competition

●       Participants must be supporting members or a Member of the Community Service Squad. Please become a supporting member or renew your PAHA membership, as our new calendar year has started.  We greatly appreciate your support:

●       PAHA is sponsoring a family-friendly exhibition. PAHA maintains the right to exclude any photo they believe is inappropriate or does not abide by the guidelines or theme of the 2022 competition.



PAHA will present Visa Gift cards to six photographers. The juror(s) will select the top three in each category. The Award-winning photographs and photographers will receive recognition during the virtual exhibition.

It’s easy to participate! Here’s how:


Email to:

Subject:          PAHA Supporting Member Photo Competition 2022

Include the following information in your email:

Please copy and paste the following in your email as a form.


Full Name:

Home Address:

Contact Phone:

Youth Category, Age:

Number of Entries: (3 Photos Max.)

Title(s) #’s 1 - 3 followed by a brief description of the photograph:





Do not forget to include your photographs in your email.



Email with questions.


Thank You for participating!

We can't wait to see your beautiful corner of the world.