Thanks to everyone who participated in the PAHA Wildlife Photo Contest. The winners are: 1st Place - Birds by Isabella V with 330 votes 2nd Place - Bird by Mateo F with 324 votes 3rd Place - Turtles by Kevin I with 29 votes Congratulations!
Neighborhood Watch will be utilizing local students to walk/ride bikes across the Acres and conduct a safety evaluation of the community.

The Plantation Acres Homeowners Association is sad to announce the passing of
Michael Alfred McCormack on November 19, 2021.

He left behind his beloved wife of 51 years, our President, and their amazing family. Please be respectful of Donna's wishes to be with family at this time. For more information please visit: https://www.tmralph.com/obituary/michael-mccormack  

We will keep you posted as updated information becomes available, please stay tuned!
January 18, 2021 Update Regarding Overdevelopment, Rezoning, and Flex 

     1) Save the dates of upcoming meetings for possible public hearings  
City Council Meeting Wednesday January 26 6PM Webinar 852 2122 3318 Pass 553367  ZOOM LINK
  Plantation Acres Improvement District Meeting Thursday January 27 7PM Meeting 2553 066 6989 Pass iiR7h9DP6tU WEBEX LINK  
    Planning & Zoning Board Meeting Tuesday February 01 7PM TBA  
    Plantation Acres Homeowners Association Meeting Tuesday February 15   


2) Please contact your city officials - They must know how many of us oppose this project!

Stoner, Lynn  Mayor  Admin./ City Council  (954) 797-2212 mayor@plantation.org
Anderson, Erik  Councilmember  City Council  (954) 498-3794 eanderson@plantation.org
Andreu, Jennifer  Councilmember  City Council  (954) 654-1694 jandreu@plantation.org
Fadgen, Timothy J.  Councilmember  City Council  (954) 654-1687 tfadgen@plantation.org
Horland, Denise  Councilmember  City Council  (954) 498-6616 dhorland@plantation.org
Sortal, Nick  Councilmember  City Council  (954) 498-5337 nsortal@plantation.org
Holmes, Dan Director Planning, Zoning & Economic Development  (954) 797-2225 dholmes@plantation.org
Beggerow, April City Clerk City Clerk's Office  (954) 797-2237 abeggerow@plantation.org

It is best to message each address individually and to use your own words but consider some of these topics: 2nd Street, Variances, The Use Of Flex Within The Acres, Zoning, Traffic, Neighborhood Incompatibility, Council's Obligations To The Citizens vs Developers, 2022 Elections, Planning & Zoning Voted Against This Project, Solving Existing Issues Before Creating New Ones.  AS A SPECIAL PUBLIC INTEREST DISTRICT THE ACRES SHOULD BE EXEMPT FROM FLEX.  Remember to include your name and address so that they know you are a resident, and request that the addressee acknowledge your correspondence.


3) Plantation residents - request your free lawn sign and/or sign the petition at https://www.saveouracres.com


4) Share our mission with your friends and neighbors!  Post on Social Media!  Please be a supporting member of PAHA by paying your annual dues of $45 per home  Support Your HOA


  PAHA's letter to Plantation City Council  
  Mayor Stoner says PAID could have stopped this a year ago  
  PAID responds to Mayor Stoner  

Tuesday, Jan 18 7:00pm

PAHA meets at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month except for the months of July and August.  Until further notice, meetings are virtual via video communication using the Zoom platform.  All residents are welcome to attend.  Please join us!

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